Kindly note that the lunch tasting menu is available from Tuesday to Sunday at lunch time.

All other menus are available at all times.

A la Carte

New Delhi Salmorejo Stuffed Panipuri
Beetroot Carpaccio.

Pekinese Dumplings *
Crunchy Pig’s Ear, Strawberry Hoisin, Aioli and Pickles.

Hot Smoked Hand-Dived Scottish Scallops
Creamy Citrus Ponzu, Coconut and Kaffir Lime reduction.

Usuzukuri-Carpaccio of Hamachi «Fish and Chips»
With Ají Amarillo and Yuzu Lime. 

Crispy Oxtail
Tramezzini Bread, Chocolate Black Mole, Greek Yoghourt, Smoked Eel.

«Steamed XO Club Sandwich»
Suckling Pig, Ricotta, Quail Egg and Chilli Mayonnaise!!!

Ramen of Foie Gras & BBQ Guinea Fowl
With Black Trumpet Mushrooms.

Robata-chargrilled, Jalapeño & Tomatillo verde Gazpacho, Chlorophyll Olive Oil.

Croquettes «La Pedroche» *
Kimchi, Sheep’s Milk, Wild Salmon, Black Tobiko and Lapsang Souchong Tea.

Singapore Brioche XO


Indian Lasagne
Lamb Shoulder Bolognese, Chaat Masala Tomato, Cardamom Béchamel, Crispy Wonton.

Vegan Korean Ssam… 
Smoked Cauliflower, Gordal emulsion, Black Olive powder, Sweet Chilli.

Spanish «Socarrat» Paella
Wok flamed Langoustines, Peruvian Lime salsa.

Tamarind-stewed Orpington chicken cannellone
Huancaína Sauce and Truffle.

 «Chilli King Crab» 
Chipotles, Golden Beetroot and Txakoli emulsion.

Galician Octopus Anticuchero…
Green Mole of Habaneros, Kale, Green Apple.

Beef Cheeks 
Indonesian Rendang of Ají Amarillo, Peruvian Huacatay, Asian Barley.

Our So Green Curry!!!  
Jalapeños & Kaffir Lime, grilled Avocado, Green Peas, sautéed Broccoli.

Black Cod
Basque Country style, Japanese dressing, Vietnamese emulsion.

Robata-Pigeon Tandoori
Celeriac Purée, Garam Masala Pigeon Jus, Papadums and Tamarind.

Canadian Lobster Robata-Grilled
Canarian-Japanese Mojo.


 * Vegetarian option available