Japanese XOncept

Hamachi Usuzukuri-carpaccio
«fish and chips’ with Ají Amarillo and Yuzu.

Kimchi Bonito tartare
with fried egg, potato, Ketjap Manis & Wasabi dressing, seasonal truffle

Ramen of Foie Gras & BBQ Guinea Fowl
with black trompette mushrooms

O toro Spanish red Tuna Usuzukuri-carpaccio
with Thai red curry, steamed rice and coconut.

«Niguiri Socarrat» of Spanish red tuna
charcoal Ali-oli and creamy paella essence.

Trixology pairing
3 surprising wines to compliment the above dishes & served Japanese style!

Pekinese Dumpling…
Crunchy pig’s ear, strawberry hoisin, Ali-oli and pickles!!

Hot smoked scallops
with creamy citrus ponzu, coconut-kaffir lime reduction and apple blossom.

“WopperXO” Korean style (Saam style)
of slow roasted free range chicken, fine Herbs & English mustard emulsion with XO tartare sauce.

«Steamed Club Sandwich»
suckling pig, ricotta, quail egg and chilli mayonnaise!!!

Indonesian Rendang beef taco
pico de gallo, guacamole, parsnip puree, Mexican corn tortilla.

Green asparagus Salad
with green olive emulsion, oranges and spicy chlorophyll acidulated oil.

Calamansi and Tumeric light curry
of roasted carrots and sugar snap.

Betroot gazpacho
sweet and sour confit tomatoes, black truffle paste, explosion of coconut

Galician grilled octopus, tomatillo and green apple mole with sour cream.

Prawn Suquet Stew
robata carabinero (2 pieces) dried shrimp powder and baby shrimp cracker, saffron ali-oli.

Pad Thai XO…
Enoki mushrooms with sweet chilli, peanuts and omelette skin. Fine herb emulsion with baby red shrimps.

«Chili Blue Swimmer Crab»
Basque Country style with chipotles, Peruvian potatoes and Txakoli emulsion.

Korean lasagna XO Style
aged Galician beef, shitake, Gochujang hot & sour tomato sauce and cardamom béchamel.

La «Pedroche» croquettes…
Kimchi, sheep’s milk, wild salmon, trout roe and Lapsang Souchong tea.

La «Pedroche»

Robata-pigeon tandoori
cauliflower textures, Garam Masala pigeon jus, papadums and tamarind chutney.

Robuchon meets Perú…
Slow roasted milk fed lamb shank., pomme purée à la Robuchon with Ají Amarillo and Chinese smoked tea.

Singapore Brioche XO.

V Vegetarian, (V) Vegetarian option available, Ve Vegan, GF Gluten free=Made without gluten but might have traces, (GF) Gluten free option available.